Zebrafish primordium formation

The zebrafish posterior lateral line primordium formation is often used as a model for collective cell migration and cell polarity.
A cohesive cluster of over 100 cells, which originates posterior to the ear, migrates along the embryonic trunk. The cluster polarizes along a gradient of SDF-1 which is expressed in a narrow line along the horizontal myoseptum. During migration cells in the trailing two thirds of the primordium organize into two or three garlic bulb-shaped rosettes. At regular intervals a cluster of 20-30 cells gets deposited from the migrating cluster.


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Collective cell migration

Collective motion of cells plays an important role in development as well as processes like cancer and wound healing.
When sheets or clusters of cells move together the cells remain connected, the sheet or cluster maintains multicellular polarity and the sheet or cluster structurally modifies the surrounding tissue and migration path.


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