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===Welcome to [[|Leah Edelstein-Keshet]] Research Group page.===---

@@====Research Projects and Group Members====@@

===1) Computer simulations of cell sheets in 2D ([[ Dhananjay Bhaskar]] and [[ Eviatar Bach]])===
**Description :** Develop cell based simulations of 2D sheets of epithelia and crypts using the [[ CHASTE]] software package.
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===2) Posterior Lateral Line in Early Zebrafish Development ([[ Dhananjay Bhaskar]] and [[ Hildur Knutsdottir]])===
**Description :** Develop a mathematical model for collective cell migration in Zebrafish PLLP and visualize it using Cellular Potts Model in [[ CompuCell3D]].
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@@====Summer 2014/2015 Projects and Group Members====@@

===1) Mathematical analysis of molecular motors ([[ Duncan Dauvergne]])===
**Description :** We are interested in dynein and kinesin walking along microtubules (MT).
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===2) Development of educational material for MATH 102 ([[ Christopher Louie]])===
**Description :** Create a database of [[ WebWork]] problems, iClicker questions and maintain course notes for life science students in MATH 102.
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